Paris, France: The First Night

It is now time for Paris! On Friday morning, we went to the train station and asked about reservations for the train to Paris.  Unfortunately, the train we wanted was already full and the next available one was leaving from Brussels around 1 pm.  It was about 9 am when we arrived to the Leuven train station, so we decided to buy our high speed train tickets and go to Brussels to wait there.  It was an extra 30 euros for the high speed train along with our Eurail pass.  Waiting in Brussels was nice; we bought some pastries from Panos and  had some easy-going, interesting conversations while doing some people watching.

The second train ride to Paris was a quick one, and once we arrived the hotel was easy to find just around the corner of the train station.

View from the hotel window
View from the hotel window

We checked in, dropped of our backpacks, and headed to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The metro traveling situation was an interesting one, definitely the least appealing method of travel of this entire trip so far.  Nevertheless, it would have been at a decent price (if I hadn’t Misplaced my ticket stub… it was a tiny thing, inevitable sort of…) and conveniently fast to get from one spot to the next.

We got off the metro and walked a bit, looked at the shops, and found a spot to have dinner.  This was a 50s-60s diner with awesome decorations: car model on the wall, the stylish booths and stools, and a decked out menu of burgers and shakes.


We walked some more, shopped some more, and found our way to the cathedral.


It was a short wait in line, and the inside was absolutely beautiful.  There was a mass going on in a language I could not understand, but that too sounded amazing.

From there, we headed to the Luxembourg Gardens.  Now, I understand why this is a must see place.  It is quite relaxing and full of lush grass and flowers.  An orchestra was practicing out there, and they complemented the scenery quite nicely as we sat down in the lawn chairs for a small break to soak it all in.

Jardin de Luxembourg
Jardin de Luxembourg

We called it an early night, and headed back to the room to wake up bright and early the next morning.


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