Clouds, Clouds, Clouds

The day has finally arrived.  I am currently sitting at the Houston airport waiting for my second flight.  I departed College Station at 9:50 this morning on a small aircraft shown below.  It was a very enjoyable flight.  We flew over the clouds, through the clouds, and under the clouds.  This wasn’t my first flying experience, but it has been a while since I’ve had to travel on a plane.  It was a very short flight, approximately thirty minutes, and well, I was obviously easily amused by the clouds and their beauty.  As we flew over the layer of clouds, I thought how interesting it would be to explore the clouds as if they were mountains.  If we could only walk on the clouds, literally.  It was a pleasant experience to see the world that we have created from up above through the open spaces between the clouds, and then have the tiny airplane window turn white as the plane made its way through to our destination.  I will be headed to Chicago soon; hope to keep y’all in the loop!

Small Plane at College Station

Small Plane at College Station

Plane to Chicago
Plane to Chicago

So, I meant to post this the day of my traveling; but, without internet access, the settling in, and the exhaustion from an entire day of travel and lugging around of large luggage it wasn’t possible.  I will do my best to keep this updated!  Oh, and yes, I’ve made it to Leuven, Belgium!  It is beautiful… more to come!


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