Dream On

It is during the darkest days that our soul seeks to find the inspiration to keep on. There are times we get caught lingering between utter existence and genuine living. There are times when we manage to go through the motions, and there are moments when we truly cherish the breath of life. There are also moments of in-between, in which we seem to be getting along normally, when we forget, and then when we are gently reminded of all that is worthy of appreciation.

Life is slippery at times, and sometimes we fall and hit that all time low, a situation that never seemed likely. The search for inspiration doesn’t come easy if at all, but we must dream on. Dream beyond what we deem possible. For it is the dreams that will lift us up higher into a place that can only be imagined.

As children we are born eager and curious, full of life one might say. However, as wise as we may become through experience, this can also bring apprehension or even apathy for the future. We loose sight of the passions we hold dear. Maybe we get busy; maybe life has pulled us in a stray direction. The beauty is that no matter how far we stray from where we wish to be, the possibility to reach that desired point is always a distance of dedication and effort away.

Kids, they do not fear. They don’t see danger as we see it. They do not brood over their bad luck. They simply keep on and try again. They keep dreaming. As adults, maybe we feel that we have explored all the possibilities, that we have weighed all our options, or that we no longer have control of the events. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is a passion that lies deep within our hearts, a dream that yearns to be ignited. Maybe it’s something that we’ve put down for lack of time, or maybe it’s something we’ve been too comfortable to find. There’s a whole world out there filled with ideas and adventures to pursue. Do not be discouraged, and dream on. Dream on about the things you wished you could do, and then make it possible to do them. The inspiration lies within your inner child, the one you’ve tried to hush for so long. Listen to the whispers and carry on forward to really experience life as it should be.


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