You Know What’s Wrong With The World Today…

Lock your doors.  Leave the lights on.  Check the alarm system.  Put up surveillance cameras.  Where does it end, and why is it even necessary? I don’t understand.

Betrayal is the word I would use to describe the act of stealing. There is a betrayal of trust, a betrayal of community, and a betrayal of morality.

I’ve lost a few things to thieves in my lifetime: a couple of bikes, lots of electronics, and a few pair of boots, yes, boots.  And it always leaves me feeling the same: naive, betrayed, saddened, fearful, and curious.  I am left with a desire to understand.  Surely, they must lack the yearning to make an honest living.  They could not possibly be familiar with working and getting rewarded for every painstaking effort.

It also leaves me hoping that maybe my belongings will end up somewhere with someone who needed them more than I did.  I can only hope that they are not getting sold to sustain a drug habit or other destructive tendencies.  Wishful thinking.

There’s plenty wrong with the world today.  Here’s Mr. Charlie Daniels’ rendition on the matter:

To pinpoint the source of the disgrace that surrounds us is a difficult task and to find a solution even more so.  We may all disagree on both the root of the problems and the solutions, but at least we all agree that they exist.

Ideally, I would never lock my doors much less have a surveillance system.  I wouldn’t have to put myself in the shoes of a thief, wonder what items may be of value to them, or what facilitates their crime.

Then again, I may be robbed clean.  So, instead, I’ll roll with the punches and try to be more cautious with my belongings.  There is solace in knowing that these are just materialistic items with only monetary value.


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