Sometimes I don’t feel that I was born all that long ago, and then I think about my childhood, which wasn’t engulfed with the technological devices that we use today.  Of course, one understands that the innovation frequency has multiplied overtime, so it could be argued that it really has not been all that long ago.  Some versions of these devices were out there when I was growing up, but they weren’t mainstream, at least, not where I was from.  The part of me that yearns for a simple life is grateful that I did get to experience that unplugged life.

During a visit home, my sister and I watched a home video of her fourth birthday party.  We watched as our family sat outside and interacted amongst each other.  I remember thinking that a present-day homemade video would definitely include at least one if not all of the people’s attention diverted by some sort of handheld device.  What a shame!  I can’t help but wonder how much of our time is wasted on technology or how much of our life actually passes us by as we are trying to stay connected or trying to portray the image of ourselves that we want the world to see.

I do not claim to be an innocent bystander.  I too have picked up on the rudeness of texting or picking up a call while in conversation with someone standing right before me.  The social world accepts it, but it is a rude implication that the person before you can wait or worse that you are willing to divide your attention, which in reality means that you’ve begun to tune them out.

Technology can do wonders for keeping us in touch with those that are important to us, but where are our manners?  They must be lagging behind trying to keep up with the speed of new incoming gadgets. I hope that we can all learn to pay a little extra attention to what goes on around us and take the time to listen to what our friends are actually saying.  It is time to look beyond the screens to the domain in which we actually live in.


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